Our Services

Our Services

Parish Magazines

As with church magazines, we know that many smaller parishes find it difficult to print short runs at reasonable prices and generally are directed down the long term unsustainable route of producing their own. Our service makes the printing of the smallest run sustainable.

Church and Religious Magazines

Our short run prices are specifically designed to make short-run benefice magazines sustainable.

Commercial Collectives

When business people need a voice then we can help. We print magazines and newsletters for business action groups which might be extremely short runs but invaluable to those local businesses such as shop traders groups, agricultural groups and holiday destination groups keen to promote their area.

Roughtor, by Mike Sutton
Special Interest Groups and Charities

We print magazines from Canal Groups, Museums, restoration groups and many others. We know that small membership organisations cannot produce a sustainable magazine with commercial printing prices.

Community Communication
Sometimes communities simply need to communicate internally, parish plans, local plans, questionnaires – whatever is needed, we can print it – from short to long runs.

Info we need from you.

  • Simply email us with details of you publication:
  • how many you print and how many pages
  • Colour or black and white
  • Is the size of the finished publication A4 or A5?
  • If you include a pdf of a recent publication we’ll print a copy and send you a sample
  • Don’t forget your postal address for the sample